VHF/UHF/SHF activity Contest


Arranged by MRASZ BSZ (Budapest Federation of the Hungarian Radio Amateur Society).

To develop contest skill of beginning radio amateurs; to motivate CW (A1A), SSB (J3E) transmission modes; to facilitate the competition for diplomas „New Budapest Award” and „BUDAPEST VHF CHAMPION” and to acquire qualification points.

Contest periods
Between 18.00 and 20.00 Local Time on the first Monday of every month in each year from January to December (12 rounds).

Frequency bands:
From 144 MHz to 76 GHz according to IARU Region 1 Band Proposal. Exceptions: repeaters and the frequency 145,500 MHz

Transmission modes:
CW (A1A), SSB (J3E) and FM (F3E).

All domestic and foreign radio amateurs possessing a valid radio license accepting the rules contained in the call for participation.

  • A – Single operator, 144 MHz, from Budapest QTH,
  • B – Single operator, 144 MHz, from countryside QTH,
  • C – Single operator, multiband, from Budapest QTH,
  • D - Single operator, multiband, from countryside QTH,
  • E – Multi operator. multiband, from any QTH,
  • F - Only FM station

    In case of „A” or „B”, and „C” or „D” the classification will be based on the fact, from which QTH the station has participated the most occasions in the contest period. If at least 50 % of the round has been performed from a Budapest QTH, the station should be categorized as a Budapest station!
    To facilitate evaluation, in the protocol of each month the category corresponding to the relevant month should be indicated. The final category will be established after the November round, based on protocols submitted.


    Control number:
    RST or RS + in each band and in each round a serial number starting with 001 and WW QTH position (e.g. 599102 JN97NL).

    each kilometer distance of the contact x 1 point,
    contacts within the same QTH position: 5 points

  • FM QSO - x1
  • SSB QSO - x2
  • CW QSO - x3, CW/SSB QSO-s are to be counted as SSB QSO-s.

    The results of each band should be multiplied
  • by two, in case of 432 MHz,
  • by three, in case of 1296 MHz,
  • by three in case of other microwave bands.

    Final score:
    Sum of points reached in each band.

    a QSO is invalid in the following cases:
  • received callsign failure,
  • received control number failure,
  • received QTH locator failure,
  • double QSO with repeated scoring,
  • time difference exceeding 3 minutes.
    in other contested cases the decision of Contest Committee is prevailing.

    Contest logs:
  • proposed program: REG1TEST (EDI) or a protocolling program downloaded from the contest homepage (Editor, UCX-Log, S53WW, DXlog.net, etc)
  • the line PSECT shall contain Category (A,B,C,D od E)
  • Logs should be compiled for each round and for each band separately.
  • Log names should contain callsign, year, month, band (e.g.: HA5XYZ_2015_01_144.edi)
  • Logs submitted should use GMT time.

    Junior age participants please indicate their age.

    Posting deadline of the protocols: the 14th day after the contest round.

    Email address of incoming protocols: cqbp at brasz.hu In the subject field of emails please indicate CALLSIGN and CATEGORY amd MONTH!

    A call will be evaulated only if it is contained in the protocol sent by the partner station or if his/her station appears in at least 3 protocols
    In case of mode difference both parties will be evaluated to 0 points.
    In case of callsign failure, received QTH failure and received report failure the contact of the receiving station will be evaluated with 0 points.
    In case of a time difference exceeding 3 minutes, and the failing party is clearly established from the logs, he gets 0 points,
    if the failing party cannot be established, both parties receive 0 points.

    Certification of Merit will be awarded to the first three positions of each category.
    Junior age participants receive a memorial certificate in electronic form.

    The title „Budapest VHF Champion” and the accompanying prize will be awarded to the winners of categories A and C.

    Publication of results:
    Preliminary result will be communicated on the homepage of the contest within 60 days following the closing of the yearly contest.
    The final result will appear on the homepage of the contest (http://cqbp.brasz.hu) and on the homepage of BRASZ (www.brasz.hu).

    Award ceremony:
    Every year during radio amateur meeting BURABU.(Hungarian HAM meeting)

    Contest manager: HG5VY Németh János

    Wish all participants a successful contest!

    The Budapest Radiomateur Federation